I Want To Be With You

I want to be with you
when your head is full of eerie thoughts
when your day is filled by tiresome meeting
when your night is diluted by imaginative what ifs

I want to be with you
when your head is clouded by their judgements
when your hardest work can't serve any achievements
when your heart is trammeled by euphoria
when your heart can't deal with hysteria

I want to be with you in
proxima centauri
and every aliens' goddamned galaxy

I want you to be
my sun
my warmth
my rain
my hurricane

I want to be with you because
i'll love you at your bloom
i'll stay at your gloom
i'll soothe your anger
i'll feed your hunger

oh, how lucky i must be
to have been chosen to see
the naked thoughts
the rippling dreams
the biggest fears
of someone as captivating and as heavenly
as you.

I want to be with you, Melynda Kristina

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